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NB: Care has to taken with using the word 'Vogel', which was allegedly trademarked by Rumi Da (Ron Carson), a former associate of Marcel Vogel.)
Marcel Vogel (now deceased) was a scientist, inventor and researcher who became a Vice-President of Research & Development at IBM before he retired. With over 100 patents to his name he developed numerous technologies associated with computer science, including the use of sound to grow very large, perfect silicon crystals for cutting into computer chips ('Quartz Singing Bowls' were his invention, and that was their original purpose). He also became intrigued with the properties of natural Quartz crystals and their potential, and eventually formed his own company, Psychic Research Inc. in order to study and measure the energy and effect of human thought and intention on 'prana' (Universal Life-force Energy). Part of his work involved working with mathematics and sacred geometry in order to design metaphysical tools for healing and meditation that could be precision-cut from high-grade Clear Quartz; and led to the creation of healing Wands and talismans, the best known of which is the Vogel Star of David (see below).
To be truly effective a 'Vogel' / 'Vogel-style' wand or talisman must be cut from the best quality material with extreme precision using the exact angles and dimensions laid down by Marcel Vogel. This means that true 'Vogels' are never cheap, as there are few cutters that are able to meet these criteria today: the Talsimans and Stars we are selling now are part of our personal collection of healing tools, and were bought from Ray Pinto over 20 years ago. Ray Pinto of Brazil is an engineer, and one of the original cutters Marcel employed at PRI: he has been cutting world-class healing wands for decades, and cuts and markets 'Vogel Stars' and 'Kabbalistic Cut Healing Wands' in conformance with the exact way that Marcel Vogel instructed, using the same angles and proportions. In addition, in the 1990s he developed a cut called the Dream Crystal, which came to him in a dream from Marcel Vogel, and is an evolved form of his designs. This cut is quite unique, unusually having several concave facets.
THE VOGEL STAR OF DAVID: Marcel Vogel always wore this Star for protection when performing crystal healings on others. The Vogel Star has two sides: the front (male side) is flat, with an upward pointing triangle in its centre; the back (female side) is fatter and has a downward pointing triangle in its centre. The Vogel Star makes use of a symbol that has been used for millennia to represent the merging of the higher and lower worlds, enabling us to connect to the Divine on our path of spiritual evolution. Vogel recognised it to be a versatile power tool for Lightworkers that could serve as a receiver, amplifier and transmitter of Universal Life-force Energy, whilst simultaneously charging and strengthening the bearer's bio-field (aura), to enable them to 'tune-in' to Source and conduct Universal Life-force Energy with greater clarity and effect.
If worn as a pendant, the female side lies against the body at the thymus / high heart, with the male side pointing out and away from the body. In this way, the receptive side of the crystal picks up the positive energy coming from your heart, whilst the male side of the crystal will radiate high frequency light energy in all directions around you, enveloping you and filling your aura to keep you shielded from unwanted or intrusive energies that might be in your environment.
If you wish to flood your body with the energies of (say) a particular essential oil, flower remedy or essence for your personal healing or development, you can also wear the pendant the other way round: in this case, you simply apply some of the oil / essence etc to the female side, then cover it with your hand and direct Universal Life-force Energy into the Star through your palm chakra, with positive intent for the required outcome.
Larger free-standing Vogel Stars (also known as Vogel Table Stars) may be placed on an altar or in a corner of a room or space to help shield, or energise, it - depending on its orientation. I used to keep one on a Light Box in an Amethyst Cavern in one corner of our therapy room, and would periodically charge it with Aura Soma pomanders / Petaltone essences, if and as the space demanded.
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(image for)  Rutilated Clear Quartz: 'Vogel' Star

Rutilated Clear Quartz: 'Vogel' Star

This 'Vogel' Table Star was precision-cut and polished from high-grade Rutilated Clear Quartz by Ray Pinto; and has been in my personal collection...

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Clear Quartz: Sri Yantra carving

This Sri Yantra has been carved from a small piece of Clear Quartz. Although normally seen as a 2D mandala, a Sri Yantra in 3D form is interesting to...

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