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This crystal is identified by two 7-sided faces that have a single 3-sided face (triangle) between them. When found with a channeler combined, it becomes a DOW (also known as a trans-channeler). Ideally the faces should be symetrical, and the 7-sided faces of equal size. This is an ideal tool for personal growth, providing the means to access and connect with highest wisdom. When questions or thoughts are clearly defined, they may be "beamed" though the crystal with a willingness to clearly receive information in return. They aid communication with the Higher self, guides and Masters. They also help one to develop intuition and telepathy. They may also be used to broadcast healing energy to places or situations.
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(image for) Amethyst: polished point (Brazil)

Amethyst: polished point (Brazil)

Brazilian Amethyst polished trans-channeller point. The amethyst is a lovely deep purple shade, with a very good clarity and lots of rainbow-filled...

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(image for) Clear Quartz: crystal - Trans-channeller

Clear Quartz: crystal - Trans-channeller

Although a little bashed about, this clear (slightly smoky) quartz is a natural transmitter-channeller formation: it may even have been a Dow, before...

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(image for) Clear Quartz: polished point – Phantom (Madagascar)

Clear Quartz: polished point – Phantom (Madagascar)

Small cut and polished point with interesting pinky-grey Phantom layers. The crystal is a trans-channeller, with an excellent clarity and a few...

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(image for) Tibetan Black Spot Quartz: crystal - Lemurian Record-keeper

Tibetan Black Spot Quartz: crystal - Lemurian Record-keeper

I bought a number of Tibetan Black Spot crystals back in 2003 when they first came onto the market. They have been in my personal and teaching...

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