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These are identified as having one common body or base, and yet three terminations. These crystals help in cementing and harmonising relationships of all kinds, and the triplets are really useful in deepening the bonds between three people (usually within a family or business unit, but also perhaps within a small spiritual network). They symbolise union, and enhance compatibility.

Smoky / Clear Quartz (Brandburg): crystal - Triplet Sceptre


Smoky / Clear Quartz (Brandburg): crystal - Triplet Sceptre

Brandburg quartz - smoky quartz crystal partial sceptre in a triplet formation, which has grown on a clear quartz stem. The single termination has...

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Citrine - natural: crystal cluster


Citrine - natural: crystal cluster

Small triplet cluster of Natural Citrine. Nice clean terminations, pale lemon in colour. Size: 2.75 x 2.5 x 1.25 cm

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