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This is a term coined by Robert Simmons to refer to crystals that have markings or indentations on their sides or faces that resemble UPSIDE-DOWN triangles / record-keeper markings. He says that these are stones of transition and for those who wish to / are able to travel into the realms that exists between worlds and Dimensions. This might included soul retrieval work or past-life healing, and can even included visioning and travel into the future. An ideal crystal for the shamanic practitioner, but care is required when working with them to have moved from the "ego"self to the planes of Unity consciousness.
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(image for) Danburite - Pink (A grade): crystal - Trigonic
Danburite - Pink (A grade): crystal - Trigonic
Rare and unusual A grade Pink Danburite crystal, once part of my own personal collection. The upper part is very clear, whilst the lower part is a...

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(image for) Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Trigonic
Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Trigonic
Pale orange Tangerine Quartz crystal with lightly stepped sides. Superficially not much to look at maybe, but very close examination shows that most...

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(image for) Nirvana Quartz: crystal
Nirvana Quartz: crystal
Terminated rose-pink nirvana quartz, sometimes called 'Ice quartz'. A growth-interference formation, becoming difficult to find. The faces are very...

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