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TIME LINK - also known as "portal quartz" or left / right "activation" crystals
These crystals are recognised by the presence of parallelogram shaped window faces to the right or left side of the base of the main face of the crystal. Some crystals may have more than one of these windows below different faces. These crystals are sometimes wrongly defined as window crystals, but a true window is an upright, symetrical diamond and not a parallelogram. Time link crystals permit access to information regarding the future (when the parallelogram is on the right hand side) and the past (when the parallelogram is on the left). Use these in meditation or for working with others who have a need or desire to know this information. It is very much a tool for personal growth, and for channelling and psychic work. It also teaches us the true value and reality of time (!)
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(image for) Citrine / Smoky Quartz: crystals - set of 4

Citrine / Smoky Quartz: crystals - set of 4

This group of 4 large pale Natural Citrine and pale Natural Smoky Quartz double terminated crystals has been in our teaching collection for a number...

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(image for) Smoky Quartz (Brandburg): crystal

Smoky Quartz (Brandburg): crystal

Brandburg quartz - pale smoky quartz crystal with a lovely clarity. There are two tiny crystals at its base, and there is a small time-link face....

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