A-Z by Mineral

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As we stock so many items we have indexed our stock alphabetically according to their family and type (e.g. Agate - Blue Lace; Jasper - Red; Tourmaline - Black). Where some items are more commonly known by specific names (e.g. Unakite) or by descriptive or trademarked names (e.g. Nirvana Quartz) you may find them under both their common and true names (i.e. Jasper - Unakite; Clear Quartz - Nirvana Quartz).
Clicking on each section of the alphabet will take you a page that shows all the crystal or mineral types whose names start with that letter by list and picture. Each name in the alphabetical list also shows the number of different items of that crystal type we stock within brackets following its name: e.g. Angelite (6) - (NB and see next paragraph). Clicking on the menu or the picture will take you to that crystal or mineral's main page, which will show all crystals by name and type, which you may then order according to header or price.
Where there is no number following a crystal's name this indicates that that crystal or mineral type has been sub-divided again, usually by colour (e.g. Kyanite - Blue) or formation (e.g. Clear Quartz - Included). Clicking on the heading brings those sub-sections into view within the index bar and/or takes you to the sub-header page that shows every sub-category in picture/name form - as well as giving you the option of seeing ALL without sub-division.
If you are looking for a specific crystal or mineral it may be best to use the SEARCH box at the head of the page: this will present you with a list of anything that has the keyword(s) you have entered within their description: being specific will refine the list presented and save you clicking through irrelevant items (use words like "Amethyst Palmstone" or "Double Terminated Smoky Quartz").
NOTE: If you are looking for any types of Quartz these are listed according to type and formation. You will therefore find all CLEAR QUARTZ under C; SMOKY QUARTZ under S; INCLUDED QUARTZ under I (as well as under Clear Quartz - Included!) TREATED QUARTZ under T (as well as under their own names - e.g. Aqua Aura Quartz!) ... etc.