Afghan Diamonds

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These small double-terminated quartz crystals are found in Afghanistan. Many are very similar to those found in Herkimer State, New York: some crystals are longer than Herkimers, and not as compact; some contain small black inclusions, likely to be carbon based, which may affect their clarity and brightness; but some are VERY like Herkimers in their brightness and clarity, which means that these ones make a very acceptable substitute if you cannot find (or cannot afford!) true Herkimer Diamonds.
NOTE: we have found that some of these little crystals are being sold AS Herkimer Diamonds... if you find 'cheap' Herkimers you might need to question their true source (wholesale for similar size Herkimers is currently around £10 each!)
The Afghan Diamonds on this page have been hand-selected for their energy, clarity and brightness. We feel that their energies are so close to Herkimers that we are recommending them as very acceptable substitutes, primarily because true Herkimer Diamonds have rocketed in price due to their relative scarcity - which also means they are becoming very hard to find. We are selling these in sets of six, as they are very useful for grids and body layouts aimed at clearing negativity and/or adding energy.
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