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Aegirine (also known as Acmite) is a sodium iron silicate mineral with a monoclinic crystal system that forms columnar prismatic crystals. Its usual colour is deep green/black through to deep brown/black. It forms in volcanic rocks and most crystals come from Russia, Greenland, South Africa and Canada. It may be found in combination with other minerals, and is one of the elements within true Nebula Stone.
Aegirine's prime use is as a formidable cleanser and detoxifier. It is one of the best minerals for clearing negativity from the body and aura, and for drawing vast quantities of Light into those areas to refill and recharge the systems, thus forming a powerfully protective shield against further negativity. On a spiritual level Aegirine supports positive and enlightened action, helping one to recognise, connect with and then "set" new energetic resonances and patterns within our evolving energy field as we move with positivity and commitment towards our personal Ascension.
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