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Gaspeite is a rare and unusual stone, with a nickel, magnesium and iron base. It is only found in a few small locations, and occurs in colour combinations of yellow-green and tan-brown range - some of which are very vivid!
The brighter colours have an almost “acidic” feel, and these may help dissolve away blockages in the energy field, chakras or centres, whilst the less bright stones are not as intense and feel much more balancing and grounding. The bright stones can be of use at the heart, solar plexus and hara centres; whilst the softer stones can be of use at the heart and sacral centres. Thus the former can help work to clear “ego” and personality and/or self-esteem based issues, whilst the latter are more useful for working with issues that have an emotional and/or self-love (or lack of it!) base. Both work with the base chakra, and can help integrate and ground healing and change.
(image for) Gaspeite: polished piece

Gaspeite: polished piece

This polished piece of Gaspeite in the green and brown colour range has a soft energy. Size: 2 x 1.5 x .5 cm

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