Inner Light Crystals

Gaia Stone

Gaia stone is the name given to the man-made green material that was first made (inadvertently) from the ashes of the volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helen in 1980. It was found that when the ashes became molten as cutting equipment was used to remove metal debris from the site, they created a beautiful green liquid that solidified into a natural glass, which could be cut and shaped into clear gems and other shapes suitable for ornamentation or esoteric use. This stock of Mt. St. Helens Gaia Stone has been in my personal teaching collection for over 15 years.
As you might think, Gaia stone has an energy that is connected with upheaval and change, yet also is one that is balancing and healing, bringing the loving energies of the planet and the earth and fire elementals, the gnomes and the salamanders, to help us with regaining equilibrium when we (or the world about us) are out of balance, or going through times of great change or upheaval.
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