Fenster Quartz

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Fenster quartz are sometimes mistakenly sold as Herkimer Diamonds. However, they do not come from Herkimer State, and are the 'normal' hardness of standard quartz. They do have a similar clarity to Herkimers, and are usually found as fairly 'stubby' double-terminated crystals, but they are best defined by their skeletal formation, which shows well-defined layering - this is far less common with Herkimers. Accordingly, Fenster quartz possess all the attributes of skeletal and elestial quartz, and have a clear bright energy that is able to channel large amounts of Light. They can be found as individual crystals, but may also be found as twins or clusters. Many have plenty of rainbows too! These are happy crystals, that can add joy and energy to any aspect of the energy body, whilst helping to regulate balance between the mind and the emotions. You can also use them in much the same way as you might use Herkimers, but do not expect quite so much power!
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Fenster Quartz: crystals - DT

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Fenster Quartz crystals from Morocco. This is a type of quartz that grows predominantly in DT formations,...

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