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This is an unusual mineral that is a member of the same family as Labradotite and Spectrolite, with similarities in energy to Nuumite. The prime difference is that the material is dark / black (as with Nuumite), but with amazing emerald-green flashes, that catch the light in the same manner. Its name has come from (I assume) its resemblance to the night sky - although I have never seen green stars (at least not here on Earth!) Having tested this stone, I feel that it is excellent for working with all aspects of balance and assimilation of one's shadow side, and in accepting the Light that darkness carries and permits... for after all, without the darkness it would not be possible to have light. Because of the emerald sparks, it also carries the Emerald Ray, and can be used to help connect with Angelics and Masters who work with this Ray, including Raphael and Mareia; Hilarion and Djwhal Kuhl. There is also a similarity in its energy to Black Opal, although with a more Cosmic rather than Earthly feel. Thus it may assist in working with energies such as Set and Anubis, from the Egyptian pantheon.
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Galaxyite: tumbled stones
Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Galaxyite tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 8 grams.

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