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Flint is a cryptocrystalline form of Quartz. It tends to be coloured in earthy tones of grey/black and brown/beige/tan, and usually forms in layers, bands and/or swirls.
Although Flint makes an excellent earthing or grounding stone, its layers and bands also hint at its ability to help the body’s energy fields become better aligned and balanced, thus promoting a sense of wholeness, stability and One-ness with one’s Self and the World that surrounds us. Sometimes it is useful – and even necessary – to see the disparate parts of our Self in isolation (body, mind and spirit) so that we may see how they function and work: then it can become easier to understand how they might harmonise and function as one; and thence know how to bring this about in order to promote true health and balance on many levels.
(image for) Flint: freeform (Poland)

Flint: freeform (Poland)

This is a beautiful polished freeform of fawn and cream Flint, which is banded through two planes. It has a lovely energy, and sits well in the hand....

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