Dream Quartz

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Dream quartz is a term coined by Robert Simmons for a type of epidot included quartz that has been found in Columbia. However there are several sources of epidot included quartz to be found around the world, one of the best sources of which is Madagascar. The milky white quartz there is wonderfully soft and feminine in nature, and I feel that this material displays many of the attributes talked about by Simmons as Dream Quartz.
Epidot as a mineral is a stone of attraction and manifestation, and of transformation and healing. Madagascan Quartz is ancient and wise and a wonderful grounder of Light energy. It makes much sense therefore that this combination has a profound depth and attraction, and that it can help ease fears and calm the mind, whilst opening and expanding the energy field in a safe and supported manner. Not only is this stone useful for enhancing and stimulating "dreams" and travel in the sleep state, but also it is potentially very helpful for bringing ones dearest dreams and wishes into manifestation.
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(image for) Clear / Dream Qtz: 7.5cm sphere - Epidot Included (Madagascar)

Clear / Dream Qtz: 7.5cm sphere - Epidot Included (Madagascar)

This rare and unusual A grade Madagascan Clear Quartz sphere is a good size, and sits well in the hand. It has a fine clarity, with rainbows and some...

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(image for) Dream Quartz: crystal - DT Elestial (Madagascar)

Dream Quartz: crystal - DT Elestial (Madagascar)

Beautiful multiple double terminated elestiated crystal cluster of deep almost emerald green epidot included quartz. The crystal has substantial...

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