Fluorite (all)

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Fluorite may be found in crystalline (cubic, pyramidal and octahedral) and massive form, when it can be polished or may naturally cleave into octahedral form. Octahedrons relate to the element of air: a mobile and changeable force, powerful and catalytic, and these shaped crystals can be utilised to bring out these attributes at times of change. Fluorite is an unusual stone in that some of its family members fluoresce under UV light. This shows that it is capable of working at "hidden" levels on a much Higher vibration than might be seemingly occurring.
As a mineral it strengthens the skeletal system (our fundamental supporting structure) and promotes and stimulates activity within the nervous system: both these physical effects may also be interpreted in a symbolic manner! Many people tend to be drawn to this stone when they need to make changes in their lives or are entering a period of change or intensified work or focus. It is one of the stones that can be found is nearly all colours of the spectrum and thus may be regarded as an important family, which has been manifested to assist stability, focus, change and progress on many levels. Green ones are balancing, cleansing and refreshing; purple ones are helpful opening and clearing the upper chakras and for connecting us to the Higher Realms; Pale blue ones are very energetic and will quickly clear and charge any region of the energy body where they are used; white or clear ones are rare and capable of grounding a large quantum of White Light; yellow ones are also rare, and bring the Light of the Great Central Sun, whilst warming and stabilising the complete energy field.