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Eudialyte is a complex mineral found most often within a black / clear / deep green / white groundmass. Actual crystals of this mineral can sometimes be found - these are in the colour range pink to red / red-brown. Accordingly it is best to look for a stone with a high proportion of this colouring within the groundmass to get the full effect of the crystal.
Eudialyte resonates with the Ruby Ray and with the power of our Life-force and with all attributes of Love, passion and compassion. It is excellent at balancing the emotions and helping us live life "from the heart" and in supporting us in honouring who and what we are. This crystal also helps strengthen the resolve and to take courage and heart when exploring new situations, ideas or concepts, or when we need a form of support to stand up for something we believe in or when we need to make our voice heard.
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Eudialyte: polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Eudialyte Polished Pieces. You will receive one of minimum weight 2.2 grams. Eudialyte (the red within the...

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