Inner Light Crystals

Fire Opal

Fire Opals are orange in colour - some are so dark they may appear red. Their "fire" tends to be rather subtle and is often hidden deep within the depths of the opal, almost as if it has an "inner fire". All fire opals have a vast and powerful energy that can simultaneously ground you whilst catalysing great change. Fire Opal has, for me, always been the mineral that most closely connects us (and the Earth) to our place within the Solar System, through the Orange Ray. This Ray IS the Ray that sounds the note of our planet through the Cosmos, and which supports Earth's major lesson: that of working with the emotional body in order to understand the real meaning of "love". This gem is worn by Archangel Haniel and his twin flame Maryllisa in their role as overseers of the Orange Ray, and by Archeia Annunciata in her role as overseeer of the awakening process. The combination of the elements of fire and water - spirit and emotions; passion and intuition; immediate and flowing change make this opal a force to be reckoned with!

Opal - Fire: raw nuggets

Opal - Fire: raw nuggets

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of nuggets of Fire Opal. You will receive one of minimum weight 0.9 grams. Fire Opal is full of energy and fire,...