Inner Light Crystals


Euclase is a beryllium aluminium silicate material with a hardness of 7.5. As a crystal it cleaves with great ease, (in fact its name means "easy fracture") which makes it hard to cut and difficult to extract intact specimens. Colour range includes clear, blue, pale blue and blue-green.
Euclase stimulates, clears and balances the upper 3 chakras aiding clearer communication with Higher guidance and authentic transmission of information - this makes it an ideal crystal for those who channel and wish to enhance their connections and expression. Euclase also encourages karmic understanding, assisting us in realising that "painful" experiences and lessons we undergo in our lives are learning opportunities that can enhance our own growth and wisdom, and are not a Divine judgement or "punishment". This also enables us to look more closely at all that happens in our lives ("good" and "bad") and translate this into true understanding of our Self; human motivations and interactions; and the ideal nature of "justice and mercy" within Divine Law. Euclase also transmutes negative thought forms and density, and so can be of help in clearing both individuals and environments, which is especial help to the empath and to those who work with planetary healing.

Euclase: crystal (Lost Hope Mine, Zimbabwe)

Euclase: crystal (Lost Hope Mine, Zimbabwe)

This is a very pretty partial crystal of deep blue Euclase. Although not as clear and complete as a gem grade crystal, it has a nice deep colour and...