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Dioptase is a copper based silicate mineral that forms in prismatic crystals and clusters. It occurs together with Malachite and is coloured a deep emerald green with a deep blue cast (it is very hard to capture its beautiful colour by photographing it!). Although it has a mineral hardness rated 5 it can facture easily and thus care should be taken when storing it.
Dioptase is a carrier of the Emerald and Sapphire Rays, and as such relates to all themes of duality, polarity and balance, and to communication, knowing and understanding at the Highest levels. Although resonant with the linear chakras of heart, throat and brow it resonates best with the Unified centres of the High Heart and Universal Centre. It can help bring about calm and release from stress, but will do so in an active way, in which fears, blocks and resistances to change are brought forwards for examination, comprehension and resolution. Past life or early life physical or emotional traumas can also be examined through the support of dioptase, which will then support one through the stages of acceptance and healing.
On an explorative level, the Ascended Masters Djwhal Kuhl (one of the greatest spiritual teachers) and El Morya Khan (Master of Divine Will) can both be accessed through dioptase, as can the Archaeon Raphael.
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(image for) Dioptase / Calcite: crystal cluster

Dioptase / Calcite: crystal cluster

Pretty cluster of jade-green Dioptase crystals sitting on and within a partially intact double terminated crystal of dog-tooth translucent grey...

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(image for) Dioptase: crystal cluster

Dioptase: crystal cluster

This Dioptase cluster is a lovely deep colour, with excellent clean terminations. Dioptase can help bring about calm and release from stress, but...

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