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This is a rare mineral from Greenland, where many new stones are now being discovered - probably due to the loss of Arctic ice as a result of global warming. Kammerite itself is dark purple, and is here held within a pale silvery-green groundmass, which is similar in energy to Infinite Stone - but with a more unworldly energy that broadens the scope of its healing and balancing attributes. Kammerite connects the heart centres to the soul and to the Earth, resulting in a circle of Light that allows one to access and ground profound information and knowledge that should be used for the benefit of ALL, not just the one. This is achieved through a powerful opening and awakening of the heart, which leads (on a planetary level) to recognise ALL sentient life-forms as being part of the whole planetary organism, which needs to evolve and grow as ONE; and (on a personal level) to a willingness both to forgive others for the wrongs they have done you (whether real or perceived), and to be able to see an issue or situation from another's point of view. Although hard to do, this process of self-review is hugely freeing, leading to the ability to ground Divine Love within your heart so that you may radiate it to the world: in so doing your own heart becomes whole (healed), enabling you to move forwards freed of the past, enabling you to plan and create the future that you truly wish for and desire.
(image for) Kammerite: polished piece (Greenland)

Kammerite: polished piece (Greenland)

This polished piece of Kammerite has deep purple and green colouring, arranged in layers. Kammerite connects the heart centres to the soul and to the...

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