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Hypersthene is also known as Enstatite. It is a complex mineral that has a lovely soft velevety appearance - leading some sources to (incorrectly) name it velvet labradorite. Hypersthene appears slightly banded in metallic shades of silver, grey and bronze; and has a gentle reflective quality, which may support inner contemplation. The elements that form it include magnesium and iron, making it a useful support for the circulatory and muscular systems of the physical body. Esoterically, it makes a good companion to bronzite - each holding diffent aspects: Bronzite being more masculine (and of the sun); Hypersthene being more feminine (and of the moon). Thus hypersthene may help re-balance the left/right sides of the brain - and (if used with bronzite) return you to the state whereby your male/female aspects are perfectly balanced and aligned.
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Hypersthene: polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Hypersthene polished pieces. You will receive one of minimum weight 3.5 grams.

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