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Heulandite is of the zeolite family, which is why it is often found in the company of other zeolite crystals, such as apophylite, natrolite, scolecite or stillbite. When found in association with other minerals, those minerals will influence its use in their own specific way. Heulandite forms in groundmass or in tabular or bladed layers, which is symbolic as this crystal can be used for journeying through time or Dimension. This makes it a good tool for past-life exploration or recovery of early memories, which might be affecting one physically, emotionally or spiritually in the present. White heulandite is best for calming and expanding the heart/mind connection; green material adds the element that brings positivity and healing to the heart.

Heulandite and Apophyllite: crystal cluster (India)


Heulandite and Apophyllite: crystal cluster (India)

This is a small but very pretty Zeolite cluster. It has two main penetrating growths of pale pink Heulandite crystals, along with some very nice...

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