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Bi-colour Kyanite

Sometimes the black fan-shaped forms of kyanite grow with traces of blue, indigo and/or clear kyanite – usually towards the tip of the feathery 'fingers', or down one side of the blades'. These forms combine the attributes of blue / indigo kyanite with that of black, and (in the case of indigo or blue) helps you to communicate your truths more clearly, with wisdom and understanding; and (in the case of those with clear aspects) adds clarity and power, whilst simultaneously connecting the Earth star and Soul star chakras, linking Heaven and Earth. Likewise you may find green and blue kyanite combined, or blue and indigo – the same rules apply regarding their attributes.

Kyanite - Bi-coloured: blade


Kyanite - Bi-coloured: blade

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of bi-coloured Kyanite. You will receive one of minimum weight 10 grams. Shades and depth of colour may vary - it...

4 available

Kyanite - Bi-coloured: blade


Kyanite - Bi-coloured: blade

This is a wonderful example of a Black Kyanite blade that is very clearly marked with Blue Kyanite on one side. This specimen is especially well...

1 available


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