Hawks Eye

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Also known as Falcons Eye. The family that includes Hawks Eye are banded quartz, which have a beautiful chatoyancy that arises from fibrous inclusions of amphibole fibres or crocidolite (asbestos), which makes them appear banded. The basic colour of banded quartz is this blue / black Hawks Eye which contains fibres of blue / black asbestos (crocidolite). When this mass oxidises, the crocidolite turns to limonite and forms the yellow / brown fibres known as Tiger Eye (see own entry). Sometimes Hawks and Tiger Eye stones are found combined in layers of blue and gold - a stunning material! Two other common forms of banded quartz arise from the same base material: Bulls Eye, which is deep red /brown and contains iron in the asbestos mix; and Cats Eye, which is a paler grey/green and has a lower concentration of crocidolite (see separate entries). Banded quartz are also found within mixes and masses including: Pietersite (formed from brecciated Hawks Eye, Tiger Eye and quartz) and Tiger Iron (formed from bands of Tiger Eye, red jasper, hematite and yellow jasper).
Hawks Eye resonates strongly with the 3rd eye chakra and with the Soma and Universal (communication) centres of the Unified body. It carries the indigo Ray, which is all about outer Cosmic / Stellar communication, wisdom and understanding. This is a powerful Ray and not to be taken lightly, for in connecting with it you open to catalytic change, which can be swift and radical. However this is an amazing support for those who know they are "more" than simply flesh and bone, and who wish to connect with their greater Self.
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Hawks Eye (Blue Tiger Eye): tumbled stones

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