Magdalene Quartz

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Magdalene quartz is a name that has been coined for a variety of clear quartz that has a variety of inclusions in varying amounts, including rutile, sagenite and tourmaline. The density and distribution of the inclusions vary considerably, but all crystals from the same source will carry the same general vibration. This quartz may also be found as encrusted crystals, in which case they may be described as "witches fingers" - not such a nice name perhaps!
On the surface this crystal may appear a bit chaotic at first, and perseverance is required when you first acquire a piece if you wish to determine how and when to work with it. I think this is perhaps to put off the novice, as in fact this is a very powerful combination, which needs the right handling. I think the title Magdalene quartz is therefore a good name for it: just as with the Magdalene, whose true nature, power and influence was (and still is perhaps) greatly disregarded. I feel this to be a powerful companion to any healing crystal, working especially well with Rose quartz and with Sulphur quartz, as well as with yellow jasper. Its nature also suggests that it is simultaneously grounding and expansive, enabling profound connections to be made, as it guides us to learn the Truth of our innate Being.
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Magdalene Quartz: tumbled stones

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