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Nebula Stone

What you see here is true Nebula Stone - some shops sell Kambala (or Cambala or Gambala) Jasper as this in error, but they are very different minerals - see our own entry under Kambala Jasper. Nebula stone is a combination of quartz, aegerine, riebeckite and orthoclase, and has a black background with tiny spherules in colour combinations or greens and creams: Kambala Jasper is round the other way! This is the last of some stock that was bought many years ago, and which I have only recently unearthed.
This stone is used in one of our grids to help connect you to the hidden world of this planet, and with animal totems and plant-life. It is a useful tool for the shamanic practitioner and can aid journeying and exploration of the subtle worlds that exist within and upon the Earth. Meditating with this stone on the third eye can help you understand the natural world and BE a mushroom, or a tree, or a rabbit etc - although you cannot always choose what you explore, for the crystal tends to show you what you need to know or experience at that time. When we first discovered this use, I was surprised, for I always assumed its "deep space" appearance would enhance other-worldly connections. But maybe we need to understand our own planet more fully, before taking our attention away from it!

Nebula Stone: tumbled stones (large)


Nebula Stone: tumbled stones (large)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of genuine Nebula Stone tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 9 grams.

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