Nirvana Quartz

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Nirvana quartz is a name coined by Robert Simmons for a form of quartz recently discovered in India, which is a growth-interference formation. It may be clear, slightly milky or a pale rose / pink from small inclusions within the matrix of the crystal - possibly iron or manganese. Its other name is "Ice Quartz", as it was found at high altitude in ground exposed following the retreat of glaciers as a consequence of global warming. Some retain aspects of their full 6-sided crystal structure; some still retain terminations; some have clear trigonic markings. Energetically they hold their history and show the marks and "wounds" of the changes they have endured over many 1000s of years. Their energy is clear, sharp and high, and very clarifying and illuminating, as if years of ancient wisdoms have been accumulated in silent contemplation, waiting for the right time and person to awaken and utilise what has been stored within. Having been discovered as a consequence of global change, these crystals are no doubt going to be important companions for humanity as they understand what they need to, in order to be able to move forwards and create a new world of peace, simplicity and harmony.
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Nirvana Quartz: crystal

Terminated rose-pink nirvana quartz, sometimes called 'Ice quartz'. A growth-interference formation, becoming difficult to find. The faces are very...

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