Moon Shadow (Chrome) Aura Quartz

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This treated form of clear quartz is a highly-reflective silvery colour, with the merest hint of gold that can appear as you move the stone about in the light. As its name suggests, it may be used to show your true reflection, and to help you access, work with and understand ALL aspects of your Self - including your shadow-side. Moon-shadow can also assist you in opening to your intuitive / feminine sides, and aid you in honing and clarifying your psychic skills. It looks a bit like hematite, and shares some of its properties, although it is much lighter and will ground you UP to the Cosmos, rather than down to the earth: for those that understand and work with the Unified Body, this makes it a useful stone for connecting your Unified Field strongly to your Higher Christed and Divine Selves, and as such promotes greater understanding of all that you are, not simply the 'you' that is currently embodied in human form. It will also offer a powerful shield that can reflect away anything that is of a lower vibration, or that seeks to lower your natural resonance; yet it also gives off an aura of invisibility, that can act to 'blur' your energy field and make you less visible if you need to be so. Its energy is very like quick-silver, and feels fast, fine and flexible: thus this is not a stone that will allow you to remain still, but will encourage quick and responsive movement that is immediately reactive to whatever is happening to you, or around you.
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