Lunar Quartz

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Lunar Quartz is a smoky form of Rose Quartz that comes from Namibia. It has acquired a soft dove-grey colour through irradiation, and has a soft and gentle energy. The colour reminds me of Archangel Chamuel and his twin flame Seraphina, who often appear to me clad in this same colour. They work with the Pink and Rose-pink Flames of Love and Compassion, and teach about how to balance justice with mercy. Grey is a perfect blend of black and white – the two extremes through which may learn about the many aspects of our Self, and about how we interact with our world and with all those that share it. The smoky aspect of this stone is gently cleansing, encouraging us to explore all that which we might consider dark within us; and then supporting us as we work to clear, transform and/or release anything that no longer serves who we truly are.
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Lunar Quartz: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Lunar Quartz (smoky rose quartz) tumbled stones. You will receive one (not necessarily pictured) of minimum...

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