Inner Light Crystals

Spider Web

Spider-web obsidian is a relatively new find. It is a graphite-grey material with fine random web-like threads of silvery-grey material running through it and across its surface. Spider-silk is one of the strongest materials known, and this tells us that this stone is likely to be of great help in providing an inner support when journeying, healing or doing self-exploration work. The silvery-grey colours remind me of the energies of the Platinum Ray, a Cosmic energy that is both connective and protective. Here, with this obisidian, we are given the time and ability to unravel the threads of our lives and travel inwards and outwards to experience the rich tapestry of the Universe.

Obsidian - Spider-web: sphere - 7.5cm

Obsidian - Spider-web: sphere - 7.5cm

This is a large Spider-web Obsidian Sphere. This new material has a fine energy: its base material is a deep charcoal-grey / blue form of obsidian,...


Obsidian - Spider-web: tumbled stones (x large)

Obsidian - Spider-web: tumbled stones (x large)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Spider-web Obsidian tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 15 grams. This is a new material...