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Mohawkite is a rare copper arsenate mineral that contains traces of cobalt, iron, silver and nickel, so be sensible when handling it, and to be on the safe side wash hands after use, and do not use when making gem essences by the direct method.
Don't be put off by this however as it is a fascinating mineral that is both grounding yet very expansive to the energy bodies. Mohawkite's beautiful rainbow colours that play across its surface arise from the oxidisation of the metals and can be polished off. This is a great mineral for off-planet communication and for connecting with a variety of planetary bodies within our Solar System. It is also a very useful aid for Inner Plane journeying.
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(image for) Mohawkite: natural pieces

Mohawkite: natural pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Mohawkite natural pieces. You will receive one of minimum weight 9.8 grams. Mohawkite's beautiful rainbow...

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(image for) Mohawkite: cabochon

Mohawkite: cabochon

This hand-polished nugget of Mohawkite has a flat back, and boasts a lovely bronze-gold glow. Originally in my personal collection, it is now time...

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