Inner Light Crystals

Rainbow Quartz (Natural)

This is a one-off find from South Africa. The clear quartz has been growing with other minerals, including ferrous minerals, which have seeded to the side and faces and coated the quartz with golden / brown / black deposits. These are on the surface and leave a natural golden coating that enhances the quartz with "golden healer" attributes, and multi-coloured rainbows, like oil on water. Accordingly this mineral is both grounding and uplifting, bringing the energies of joy and fulfilment to the energy field and body, and allowing for new beginnings or changes to brought and grounded into ones life. Attributes are similar to those of "Flame Aura" quartz, but with a more natural earthy input.

Rainbow Quartz: crystal

Rainbow Quartz: crystal

This is a small, but very rare, Rainbow Quartz crystal. The coating is entirely natural, and supplies the quartz with a rainbow-tinted colour with a...