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Owyhee Blue Opal

Owyhee Blue Opal has a soft and delicate colour, sometimes with traces of white, like a summer's sky. Some may mistake it for Blue Chalcedony, which is a close relative, but this opal is less translucent and more glossy. This opal is loved by the Archeia, and as soon as it was discovered we were being asked to use it in our layout for Mareia - twin flame of Raphael. Using it may be of help if you wish the Angelics - but especially Mareia or any of the feminine Angelics, to draw closer to you. It has a gentle clearing, calming and healing energy that feels like a restorative "breath of fresh air". As its colour suggests, it can be useful at the throat chakra, and some may find it aids in clearer clairaudience and channelling. Its combination of the elements of air and water make it a balm for the mind and emotions, where it can help settle the mind and balance the emotions, bringing reassurance, positivity, hope and peace.

Opal - Blue (Owyhee): polished pieces


Opal - Blue (Owyhee): polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Owyhee Blue Opal polished pieces. Although small, they are very energetic. You will receive one of average...

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