Inner Light Crystals

Rose Aura Quartz

ROSE AURA: quartz is another form of Ruby Aura Quartz, but the hue is more subtle and a rosy pink, rather than cranberry red. This is very much like Pink Lazurine in its application, for it resonates strongly with the Heart and High Heart centres, and holds the Pink Ray of Divine Love and Compassionate Action at its core. If you need more love in your life, or if you need your heart to be clarified and strengthened (perhaps following an emotional upset or trauma) then Rose Aura would be an ideal choice. This form also brings all aspects of the Divine Feminine forwards, especially those Archeia and Lady Masters who wish to teach about Christ-consciousness and Divine Love.

Rose Aura Quartz - AA grade: tumbled stones

Rose Aura Quartz - AA grade: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Rose Aura Quartz tumbled stones. You will receive one of average weight 6 grams. This AA grade material has...