Rose Quartz (all)

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Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family, which takes its lovely colour from trace inclusions of manganese. Its pink colour can range from the palest translucency through to a deep and dense rose pink - the amount of colour depends on the amount of trace minerals. When the material has traces of specifically aligned rutile within it exhibits a special formation known as asterism. When this material is polished, especially into spheres or cabochons, and a strong light reflects from the surface it is possible to see a six-rayed star reflected back from the surface. The Madagascan material is often especially blessed with this quality. Sometimes additional trace material results in a rare and unusual lavender / lilac shade. Rose quartz is generally found in massive form - crystals are very rare and, when they do occur, tend to be in very small clusters. Rose quartz is one of the crystals that everyone would benefit from. It exudes a soft and loving energy - yet when required it can also supply a strong and empowering presence that will help clear, balance and heal the heart centre and reinforce our sense of connection to All That Is. This state of "living from the heart" with a sense of true unity awareness and community spirit is what the "new age" is all about - and we cannot be full participants in this endeavour WITHOUT a whole and open heart.

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