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Picasso Stone is type of marble, being re-crystallised dolomite or calcite, often with lines or veins running through it, whose random patterns and ink-like markings have given its name. Colour range includes grey, green, tan, cream, yellow and white.
Picasso Stone is a stone that is all about communication: through speech, writing, drawing and inner and outer thought. This is an excellent stone for free-thinking and "mulling things over", whereby random flashes of thoughts and inspirations may occur. Although marble stone is seen as being very much integral to Earth, they also resonate with the Cosmos and with the Galaxy - perhaps this is one reason why many of the great palaces, temples and ancient centres of learning were clad or paved with it, somehow adjusting the resonance of the place to enhance and ease such connections with "other" sources of knowledge.
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Picasso Stone: tumbled stones

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