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Phenacite is a beryllium silicate with a hardness of 7.5 - 8. It is a rare mineral that forms in short prismatic clear crystals. Its nature and exact form does however vary from location to location, and in some areas phenacite is more likely to be found in "massive" form within groundmass.
Brazilian phenacite has a consistently pure and clear energy pattern; Russian phenacite has a great deal of raw power that is very profound; Colorado phenacite has a high frequency that, despite its small size and growth pattern, works well in energy tools.
Phenacite is a very high-frequency crystal that broadcast and grounds its energy over a wide area, despite its small size. It is one of the premier stones for opening and expanding the range of the upper chakras, especially the third eye, crown and higher centres. Phenacites bring through and ground pure white Light, enhancing and charging the Lightbody with the Light and Love of the Universal Divine. They enable the entire energy field and cells of the physical body to be bathed in this Light, which causes the Lightbody to be more fully grounded, illuminating ones spiritual pathway and opening one to new and enhanced spiritual learning opportunities and experiences. This is the crystal that resonates most closely with the energies of Archaeon Metatron, and with his powers of catalytic change.

Phenacite: crystal (Brazil)


Phenacite: crystal (Brazil)

This is the top of a small Phenacite crystal, which clearly shows the classic curved faces of its termination. Although not fully complete, with some...

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Phenacite: tumbled stones


Phenacite: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Phenacite tumbled stones . You will receive one of minimum weight 5.5 grams. Phenacite has a fine energy that...

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Phenacite: crystal (Brazil)


Phenacite: crystal (Brazil)

Small Phenacite crystal: terminated, but not fully complete. Although only tiny, this crystal is still very powerful, and is nice and clear....

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