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These natural creations of the elements of earth and water are very undervalued gifts to us from our Earth Mother. At our very centre resides our own "Pearl Beyond Price", the nugget or spark of Infinite Light that IS our "I AM" Consciousness and the Truth of our Divinity.
Accordingly, if we let them, these gems can show us who and what we truly are, their Light showing us our true beauty that is always there despite the irritations, turmoil and difficulties that beset us in our various embodiments, and which have left their imprint upon our souls. Pearls also connect us with the Pearlescent White Ray; to the Ascended Master Lady Quan Shih Yin; and to Archaeon Gabriel and Hope.
(image for) Pearl - Cream / White: raw - natural

Pearl - Cream / White: raw - natural

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of raw Pearls - one side flat, but undrilled. You will receive one of average weight 0.5 grams. These natural...

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