Inner Light Crystals

Pink Lazurine

Pink Lazurine is a manmade material created as an accidental by-product when making artificial quartz for the laser industry for use in cold-fusion experiments. It is ironic that those working on military research have created a stone that is all about Love, and which powerfully carries the energies of the Pink Ray of Divine Love and Compassion. It vibrates powerfully, opening the channels of Divine Love; self-love and love for all of humanity, and may be thought of as a Higher Octave of Rose Quartz. This material has been in my personal teaching collection for over 15 years, but is now being released for sale.
Pink Lazurine resonates powerfully with the High Heart centre, which is the expanded heart centre of the fully activated Light Body and has appeared now as a tool to help us find resonance with the Highest vibrations of the heart, which is the centre of our new Unified Consciousness. Pink Lazurine also helps us reach the Highest of the Angelic Realms; and its Violet Ray aspects mean that it also resonates with Ascended Masters including St. Germain and the Lady Portia.
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