Peristerite (Hematitic Sunstone)

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Peristerite is an amber coloured oligoclase feldspar of the same family as the more familiar sunstone. I understand that it is also known as Hematitic Sunstone, as it contains hematite rather than copper, which is what gives "normal" sunstone its sparkle. Accordingly this is a rather rare mineral.
Peristerite is an excellent support for the lower energy centres, especially the sacral chakra, bringing a sense of joy to all creative processes and adding passion to all endeavours. In fact the word "joy" sums up this stone's energy rather well, and many will find its vibrant reflective deep orange colour warming, cheering and stimulating. The iron within also makes this a good grounding stone, but with an uplifted energy, which may appeal to those who find darker or more heavy grounding stones a bit depressing! This would be a perfect choice for anyone who needs a sense of purpose and positivity that will help them feel more "at home" or in closer resonance with their reason for "being here".
(image for) Peristerite (aka Amber Sunstone): tumbled stones

Peristerite (aka Amber Sunstone): tumbled stones

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