Strawberry Quartz

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Strawberry quartz is sometimes called pink quartz or Ruby quartz - this refers to its name, and does not mean it has ruby inclusions! In appearance it is similar to pink common opal and also resembles a pale form of rhodonite or thulite, any of which it may be mistaken for. It is however basically a dendritic pink chalcedony with traces of manganese that have coloured it pink and left some black trace deposits within the matrix.
As such it is a softer and less intense form of rose quartz and is more grounding and dense in its energies than rose quartz. It is however of great use at the heart chakra in circumstances when more love needs to be grounded into the heart or there is a lack of "self-love". Its manganese element can help us become more caring and sensitive to the needs of others and (perhaps more importantly) ourself, whilst firmly grounding us in the "real" world. It also can help lessen hurts and pains that the heart may have suffered - whether physically and emotionally - whilst quietly supporting our inner healing.
(image for) Strawberry (pink / ruby) Quartz: tumbled stones

Strawberry (pink / ruby) Quartz: tumbled stones

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