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Snow Quartz

Snow quartz is a milky-white opaque form of quartz and is the most common type of massive quartz deposits, which are rarely clear. Sometimes this is called white aventurine or milky quartz. Snow quartz has a very feminine energy comapred to the energies of clear quartz, which I feel to be predominantly masculine. As such its energies are softer than clear quartz, although do not think that means its actions can not be powerful! This is a stone that holds great purity and is useful to bring about clarity and balance in any energy centre, as it channels the full spectrum of white Light. It is most at home however at the upper centres, including the crown and soul star chakras and the alpha centre of the Unified Field. Used in gridding it acts as a cleansing shield and can hold the body within a field of Light that permits change and adjustment to take place.

Snow (white) Quartz: tumbled stones

Snow (white) Quartz: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Snow Quartz (also known as White Quartz / Quartzite) tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 6...

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