Inner Light Crystals


Stichtite is the purple-pink mineral that is found within a greeny-yellow groundmass in the stone commonly called Atlantisite or Atlantis Stone. The green coloured mass in that stone is the more common mineral: the red-pink mineral is the rarity, and so with this mineral you have the most active and intense of the energies.
This stone is all about change and advancement, and grounds the passion and energy that is of most help when we need to start a new project, or find ourself ready to welcome a state of new beginnings. This may be in any part of our life – whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. The stone carries pink, red and indigo Ray energies, and as such holds Divine love and passion in balance with enhanced powers of intuition, which enables us to ground and assimilate greater levels of understanding. Stichtite is useful at the base, heart, brow, crown and upper chakras; the alpha and omega centres of the Unified Field and as a personal healing and/or meditation piece.

Stichtite: tumbled stones

Stichtite: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Stichtite tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 4 grams. Stichtite grounds the passion and...