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Strombolite is a variety of the mineral Spurrite, which is a calcium and silicon based mineral. This accounts for the traces of white (calcite) within the material. Its colour is a deep purple with graphite-grey overtones.
Strombolite has an intense energy that resonates with the upper energy centres and with the clearing energies of the Violet Ray. It feels quite heavy however, and does also have the effect of strongly grounding the energies through the central column (pranic core) and earthing them through the Omega centre or earth star chakra. This deep and resonant connection with the planet actually aids our "upper / outer" communication skills, as we complete the sphere of energy that connects us through the planetary grids to "All That IS". "Know yourself: Know ALL" my guides tell me, and working with Strombolite is one way of doing that, as it reminds us of the intransient nature of life within a much greater reality! And as we realise the vastness of the Universe and our own place within it, so we stop worrying about our smallness and move into a much greater and more relaxed reality.
(image for) Strombolite: polished pece

Strombolite: polished pece

This is a pretty polished piece of Strombolite. Strombolite powerfully grounds the transmuting Light of the Violet Ray throughout the energy field,...

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