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Starry Jasper

Starry Jasper is a mix of red jasper, quartz (often milky) and pyrite. The pyrite resonates with the solar plexus and helps ground Higher wisdom and spiritual insights more fully into the physical body with the aid of the red jasper. The jasper adds the element of fire, making that which is grounded more vibrant and 'real'; whilst the quartz aspects help amplify and soften the energies, so that they are more effectively accessible. The pyrite also makes this a good grounding and balancing stone for those who find traditional grounding stones such as hematite no longer work well for them (which may happen as one's personal resonance shifts). in all, a useful and powerful little stone!

Starry Jasper: tumbled stones


Starry Jasper: tumbled stones

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Starry Jasper tumbled stones. You will receive one of minimum weight 5 grams. These are a mix of red jasper,...

37 available

Starry Jasper: palmstone


Starry Jasper: palmstone

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Starry Jasper palmstones. These partially brecciated stones hold Red and Yellow Jasper, Quartz and Pyrite in...

0 available


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