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Smithsonite is a zinc ore carbonate that often forms in botryoidal masses. Its colour range is wide, and commonly includes white, green, aqua-green, pink, lilac and pale blue.
This mineral has a fine and gentle energy; and can be both clearing and calming to the energy field in general – and to the mind and the emotions. The colour of the Smithsonite is relevant to its primary purpose, and to understanding its ideal placement for self-healing or inner-journeying: in general this means you use pink at the heart; blue at the throat; lilac at the brow; white at the crown.
(image for) Smithsonite - Purple: crystal cluster (Mexico)

Smithsonite - Purple: crystal cluster (Mexico)

This is a small but very pretty free-floating botryoidal cluster of purple Smithsonite crystals. This mineral has a fine and gentle energy; and can...

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