Shift Quartz

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This is a very rare and unusual formation of Growth Interference Quartz that comes from Dalnegorsk in Russia. The quartz has grown amongst plates of calcite, which have subsequently become removed from the matrix, usually through dissolution, leaving imprints and/or markings that show where they once had been; and leaving lines and marks in the quartz that look almost as if they have been cut by sharp blades. Many crystals from this location may appear milky, but where this is the case this is usually due to calcite deposits that remain on their surface: within they are much more clear.
Energetically these crystals proudly display the marks and wounds endured over many 1000s of years of change. Their energy is clear, sharp and high, and very clarifying and illuminating, as if years of ancient wisdoms have been accumulated in silent contemplation, waiting for the right time and person to awaken and utilise what has been stored within. When first found, they were named Shift Crystals – and this is one of their prime attributes: that of catalysing change, especially when the user is approaching or undergoing a change in energy state, often because of work being done on a personal level that is clarifying and refining their higher Dimensional (Light) bodies in preparation for Ascension or other Transition.
The items for sale have been in my collection for nearly 20 years, and it is now time for them to pass to their new Keepers.
(image for) Shift Quartz: crystal (Russia) - GI Phantom

Shift Quartz: crystal (Russia) - GI Phantom

This is an excellent example of a large Shift Quartz crystal, with a single clean termination. It is well-covered with GI markings, which have formed...

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