Smoky Quartz (all)

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Smoky quartz is a very important member of the quartz family. It can be found in the palest of colours - usually grey/brown - through to the darkest black. Its colour comes through natural irradiation within the ground, although some clear quartz specimens are "cooked" to turn them artificially into smoky quartz as this attracts a higher price. It would be true to say that MOST natural smoky quartz are not a deep black colour - the only natural smoky quartz that is pure black being known as Morian quartz. For healing and metaphysical use the natural forms of smoky quartz are perferable. Smoky quartz can be found growing in combination with other members of the quartz family, particularly citrine and clear quartz, and can also be found with inclusions and phantoms, all of which add their own dimension to the uses of the crystal.
Smoky quartz is very cleansing, easily removing negativity from the body or aura using crystal grids, wands or pendulums. It is also one of the best grounding stones: if you feel spacey hold one in each hand and / or place one below each foot. It is also quite protective, and can be carried or worn. It is also a lovely crystal to have in any room or healing space, helping to absorb and transmute negativity whilst imbuing the atmosphere with a clear and expansive energy. I like to keep a cluster on my desk, and we have a large polished specimen in the bedroom, ensuring restful sleep!
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