Satya Mani Quartz

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Satya Mani is a formation of quartz that comes from India. The quartz are transparent and clear to milky in appearance and slightly translucent.
This crystal is very clarifying and has a high and fine energy, opening and activating the "feminine" energy centres in linear state (sacral, heart, 3rd eye) and aiding a strengthening and expansion of the entire field in Unified state. To me this stone holds the energies of the Pearl Ray, and is the feminine counterpart to the very masculine energy of the Satya Loka quartz.
This crystal has links with Archeia Hope and Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin and with the Pearl Beyond Price - in fact the name Satya Mani means "pearl of truth". This crystal accordingly connects us to Unity Consciousness and to our balanced and Divine Self, opening our heart and soul to our inner truths, thus enlightening us and revealing our connections to All That Is and releasing the innate loving kindness and compassion for the Self and ALL life-forms that is at the heart of us all.
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Satyamani Quartz: polished pieces

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Satyamani Quartz polished pieces. You will receive one of minimum weight 3 grams. Satyamani quartz is found in...

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