Tangerine Quartz

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Tangerine quartz first came to light at the start of the millennium. It is an orange quartz that has a natural coating that interpenetrates the interior of the crystal - probably derived from trace amounts of iron. This is not the same as hematite included (hematic) quartz, nor carnelian quartz (which is iron chalcedony quartz). Like all orange crystals this one empathises with the lower 3 chakras, and most solidly with the sacral centre. Also like other orange crystals this means it is strongly supportive to creative endeavours and to increasing energy and zest for living. On a very basic level this is also THE crystal for activating and enhancing sexual desire and increasing sexual energy(!) and is perhaps especially useful in helping those for whom such experiences have not, in the past, been ideal or appropriate to appreciate the fulfilment and joy to be had in loving and harmonious sexual union.
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(image for) Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Trigonic

Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Trigonic

Pale orange Tangerine Quartz crystal with lightly stepped sides. Superficially not much to look at maybe, but very close examination shows that most...

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(image for) Tangerine Quartz: crystals (small)

Tangerine Quartz: crystals (small)

Picture shows EXAMPLES of our stock of Tangerine Quartz crystals. You will receive one of minimum weight 4 grams. Tangerine Quartz empathises with...

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(image for) Tangerine / Plum Quartz: crystals - set of 3

Tangerine / Plum Quartz: crystals - set of 3

This group of 3 Quartz crystals has been in our teaching collection for a number of years. They were used to show students some natural coated quartz...

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(image for) Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Dow

Tangerine Quartz: crystal - Dow

Nicely balanced Tangerine Quartz in a ‘Dow’ formation, with faint record keeper markings and lightly stepped sides. Good colour, and...

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(image for) Tangerine Quartz: crystal cluster - DT

Tangerine Quartz: crystal cluster - DT

Interesting natural Tangerine Quartz, with double terminated crystals oriented in an unusual fan-like cluster. The main termination is not in perfect...

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